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Camera Shoe Shock Mount
Vedi le nostre SM3-R playlist video
Vedi le nostre SM3-R playlist video
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RØDE SM3-R Camera Shoe Shockmount

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The SM3-R is a suspension shock mount with camera shoe adaptor for mounting various RØDE microphones onto a camera via the standard hot/cold shoe mount.

The SM3-R is equipped with dual Rycote Lyre mounts to ensure maximum isolation from any handling vibrations, four possible mounting points to suit the complete range of compatible RØDE on-camera microphones, and integrated cable management clip.

SM3-R Caratteristiche
SM3-R Caratteristiche
Livello di Rumore Equivalente (pesato A) 54g
Livello di Rumore Equivalente (pesato A)75mmH x 35mmW x 117mmD
Garanzia 1 anno
Vedi le nostre SM3-R playlist video
Vedi le nostre SM3-R playlist video
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