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Classic II Limited Edition

Microfono a Valvole con Timbrica Vintage in Edizione Limitata

Vedi le nostre Classic II Limited Edition playlist video
Vedi le nostre Classic II Limited Edition playlist video
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Studio Gear Review: The R0DE Classic II Anniversary Edition Tube Microphone

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Pieter van der Zweep - Smoorverliefd (Officiële Videoclip)

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50 Cent - Hustler's Ambition

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15 Years of Classic Sound

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Per celebrare i “15 Anni di Suono Classic” RØDE ha presentato questa edizione del microfono a valvole Classic II per collezionisti, limitata a soli 500 pezzi in tutto il mondo. I microfoni Classic e Classic II sono stati per RØDE il risultato di un lavoro fatto con passione. Ogni elemento, che sia la capsula, il trasformatore, la valvola, il corpo o il cavo, era della miglior qualità disponibile. Nel cuore di entrambi i microfoni come valvola c’è il doppio triodo 6072, come nella maggior parte dei più rinomati microfoni della storia. Le sue ineguagliate caratteristiche sonore hanno fatto sì che fosse incredibilmente ricercata, e nonostante la produzione sia terminata oltre 30 fa, RØDE è stata così fortunata da accaparrarsi una quantità di “new old stock” da usare esclusivamente per il Classic. Il trasformatore, progettato appositamente da Jensen per abbinarsi perfettamente con la 6072, insieme alla valvola è responsabile del calore tipico del Classic. Le capsule sia del Classic che del Classic II sono doppi trasduttori a gradiente di pressione assemblate a mano e rivestite in oro puro. Il progetto con polo centrale del Classic è stato modificato per preferire la terminazione esterna, che comporta un livello di rumore leggermente più basso. Il Classic II dispone di nove diagrammi polari, oltre al PAD variabile e al filtro passa alto. Il corpo del microfono è realizzato in ottone massiccio e lucidato a mano prima del rivestimento in nichel satinato. Per la primissima volta il RØDE Classic è rifinito in un luminoso nero opaco, con il logo ‘15 Years of Classic Sound Years of Classic Sound’ serigrafato orgogliosamente sul corpo in ottone del microfono. Anche la custodia del microfono e l’alimentatore sono rifiniti in nero e contrassegnati dallo stesso logo commemorativo. In un cilindro di alluminio inciso viene fornita anche una seconda valvola a doppio triodo 6072 (NOS) per assicurare che il classico suono di questo microfono duri per molti anni. Insieme a tutto ciò trovate anche un elegante libro da collezione rilegato in pelle, che racconta la storia del microfono ammiraglio di RØDE. Questa edizione commemorativa del Classic II riceve anche una garanzia a vita per assicurare che un microfono così esclusivo riceva la cura e l’attenzione che merita. E con la registrazione online del microfono, il proprietario riceverà la card della garanzia titaniun personalizzata con il suo nome. Il RØDE Classic II è stato progettato e costruito in Australia.

Classic II Limited Edition Caratteristiche
Classic II Limited Edition Caratteristiche
Principio AcusticoPressure Gradient
Elettronica AttivaValve/tube impedance converter with bipolar output buffer
Diagramma Polare Cardioid
Direzione di RipresaSide
Risposta in Frequenza20Hz - 20kHz
Impedenza di Uscita200Ω
SPL Massima131dB (@1kHz, THD 1% con carico 1kΩ)
Massimo Livello di Uscita2.0dBu (@1kHz, THD 1% con carico 1kΩ) (@ 1kHz, 1% THD into 1KΩ load)
Sensibilità-37.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (14.00mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz
Livello di Rumore Equivalente (pesato A)18dBA
Opzioni di Alimentazione +Power supply included
Livello di Rumore Equivalente (pesato A) 1440.00g
Livello di Rumore Equivalente (pesato A)201.00mmH x 65.00mmW x 65.00mmD
Uscita XLR Output
Garanzia 1 anno con estensione gratuita della garanzia a vita tramite registrazione qui
Vedi le nostre Classic II Limited Edition playlist video
Vedi le nostre Classic II Limited Edition playlist video
Classic II Limited Edition Recensioni
Classic II Limited Edition Recensioni

My vocals got clarity & presence at the same time, I've got to have this Mic.

Snoop Dogg

To me, the RØDE Classic II is the modern version of the great old tube mics we all love. A simple, perfect balance of low end warmth and smooth, articulate top end. We ended up using the Classic II for drum room mics, acoustic guitar, percussion and every single vocal on the new Loaded album.

Duff McKagan

As a vocal mic it offers a great natural tone with a hint of sweetness... A controlled singer can nicely play to this mic's proximity effect and get a great intimate tone with ease.

This mic is very well suited for jazz, classical, solo folk and any vocal style where pristine, open and real are your aural objectives.

Acoustic guitar (my favourite use) really shows off this mic's big top end, and it does so without sacrificing the low mids. Here it really highlights how balanced the microphone is tonally...

I really liked the Classic II as a front-of-kit mic for a jazz drummer...

What impressed me the most about the Classic II is something we usually associate with mic pres and not as often with mics, but this mics stacks unbelievably well. In other words, this mic offers a nice coherent and unimposing sound on songs where it was the only mic used, making it a wonderful choice as your one and only high-end tube mic. Again, think realism and naturalness over character.

It's hard to argue with a microphone with over a decade of dedicated service, and not hard to see why it has been left in service this long. As a final note, since of come from a family of dealers of antiques and collectibles, ery prone to limited editions and all the snobbery it implies, let me restate that there are only 500 of these and then they are gone forever!

Paul Vnuk Jr., Recording Magazine
Recording Magazine

The RODE Classic II has a world-class look and feel and comes with first-class accessories-all packaged in a beautiful flight case that could probably withstand a Volvo driving over it. With nine polar patterns, two pad settings and its two-position highpass filter, it has the flexibility to tailor the instrument to deliver the sound that best suits your needs. Further, the microphone's price tag strikes me as quite modest. Bottom line: The RODE Classic II is a full-featured microphone with a big, full sound that delivers stellar results.

Roger Maycock
Mix Magazine

The Classic II is beautifully engineered, looks stunning and sounds like a top-league studio tube microphone. Its main application is obviously vocals, but it also works fine as a general-purpose instrument mic when recording anything from acoustic guitar to brass.

This is one of those mics that helps make the most of a singer's voice and places the vocal track squarely at the front of the soundstage. If you can only afford one really good large-diaphragm mic that has to sound good on everything, and you want the tube sound, this model deserves to come very close to the top of your shortlist, regardless of what price range you're looking at.

Paul White
Sound on Sound

RØDE made miracle with this mic, I would say it is bargain considering aluminium case, shockmount and remote control unit...I prefer it to three times costlier mics

Sam Krulin

I have two Classic II mics and I must say they are right up there with the best and most expensive mics around; they actually produce instant stunning results

Paul Miller

I recorded the vocal on this track with a RØDE Classic II. I released it last year and is currently receiving airplay round the world. Just thought I’d send it to you. It’s my version of Sam Cooke’s “Change Is Gonna Come.”

Love the mic. I’ve done a-b with other leading brands. The Classic II adds a warmth a breathes life into the vocal. Beautiful.
I don’t want to sing through anything else. The guitar solo was also through the Classic II.

Keep up the great work.

Tim Shaw

My RØDE Classic II always performs excellently without any inconsistencies. It has a clean clear sound which I find sits very well in mixes both dense and sparse. I like the pattern selector and the no-sag birdcage (shock-mount). This microphone has a wonderful big vintage shape. In my experience, singers respond to the look of the microphone almost as much as they do to their headphone mix, and that response can be heard in their performance.

Thadeus Corea - Blue Man Group/Jaguar Recording Studio

I recently upgraded my microphone collection to include a tube microphone. After shopping around and demoing various microphones to include Neumann tube microphones in this price range I have to say that this is the best of its class. This baby screams pro!! More options than any other microphones at this price and built like a tank.

Laniko Music, USA
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