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RØDELink Performer Kit Karaoke Edition

Vedi le nostre RØDELink Performer Kit Karaoke Edition playlist video
Vedi le nostre RØDELink Performer Kit Karaoke Edition playlist video
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Introducing the RØDELink Performer Kit Karaoke Edition

BTS for the RØDELink Performer Kit Karaoke Edition

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  • Amazing sound-a-like vocal transformation with the patented RØDE Synthpersonator algorithm.
  • Makes you sound like your favourite vocal heroes
  • Includes over 20 built-in voices, including ‘Sir Elton’ and ‘Sir Tom’
  • Additional voices to be available in future via USB firmware updates
  • Fully compatible with all RODELInk product lines
  • Series II 2.4 GHz digital transmission
  • Up to 8 Kits can operate simultaneously in either ‘unison’ or ‘close harmony’ modes
  • Up to 100m* range
  • Power via included LB-1 Rechargeable Battery, 2 x AA Batteries
  • ‘Mute / Normal / Hero’ Switch
  • Designed and made in Australia

Featuring a high-quality, handheld condenser microphone (TX-M2) and a desktop receiver fitted with the patented Synthpersonator algorithm, the RØDELink Performer Kit Karaoke Edition is perfect for parties, pubs and venues looking to take their karaoke experience to the next level.

Simply select the singer you want to sound like from the built-in menu, start your backing track and sing your heart out. The Synthpersonator algorithm digitally transforms your voice into a close facsimile of the original, including timbre adjustment, pitch correction and language adaptation.

The RØDELink Performer Kit Karaoke Edition is fully compatible with the rest of the RODELink range, and works straight out the box, with no channel selection necessary.

The Performer Kit Karaoke Edition comes with TX-M2, RX-DESK-K, LB-1 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery, microphone clip, microphone case and Micro USB Cable and includes a 2-year extended warranty*.

For your nearest RØDE stockist, click here.

* LB-1 is not included in extended warranty.

RØDELink Performer Kit Karaoke Edition Caratteristiche
RØDELink Performer Kit Karaoke Edition Caratteristiche
Transmission type2.4 Ghz Fixed Frequency Agile System
System dynamic range118dB
Range (distance)Up To 100m*
Frequency range35Hz - 20kHz
Maximum output level+18dBu
Max input signal level140dB SPL
Max latency4ms
Receiver (RX – DESK - K)
Power sourceDC Power Pack 15v 1A Or DC Power Pack
AntennaExternal Diversity Antenna
Output connectionBalanced XLR / Unbalanced 1/4" Jack
Dimensions208mm(W) X 37mm(H) X 166mm(D)
Transmitter (TX - M2)
Power sourceBatteries Or USB
AntennaDiversity Antenna Located At The Bottom Of The TX - M2
Input connectionN/A
Dimensions40mm(W) X 256mm(H) X 40mm(D)
Vedi le nostre RØDELink Performer Kit Karaoke Edition playlist video
Vedi le nostre RØDELink Performer Kit Karaoke Edition playlist video
RØDELink Performer Kit Karaoke Edition supporto
  • What is the operating range of the RØDELink wireless system?+
    • The RØDELink system has an operating range up to 100m (~110 yards), however as with all wireless transmission devices this operating range can be influenced by external factors.

      The RØDELink system operates in the 2.4GHz frequency spectrum which is shared with common wireless transmission devices such as WiFi networks, Bluetooth devices, microwave ovens and more. The more 2.4GHz devices that are simultaneously running in the same location as your RØDELink system, the more congested this 2.4GHz frequency spectrum will be, cutting down the signal strength and overall operating range for all 2.4GHz devices. In a very busy 2.4GHz environment you may find your RØDELink system is unable to maintain its maximum operating range.

      ignal travelling distance is also another possible factor. This refers to the physical distance between the Receiver (RX) and Transmitter (TX). An unobstructed line of sight between the two devices will provide the shortest possible signal travelling distance, therefore the strongest signal. If the signal needs to travel through, or around walls and other objects, this lengthens your signal travelling distance, reducing overall signal strength.

  • Can I use multiple RØDELink kits at the same time?+
    • Yes, RØDELink systems have been tested for use with up to 8 kits operating in the same area under optimum conditions without problem.

      When operating two or more RØDE Performer Kit Karaoke Edition units simultaneously, you can select either ‘independent mode (where all units work independently), ‘unison mode’, where all singers will be vocally transformed and matched, or ‘close harmony mode’, where the unit on channel 1 acts as the lead singer, and the other units shape the vocals to deliver backing vocals and harmonies to suit the lead singer.

  • How do I optimize my RØDELink’s Performer Kit Karaoke Edition performance?+
    • The patented Synthpersonator algorithm has been extensively researched and tested, and is effective on all voices, even where the original performance is lacklustre. However, tests have shown that the Synthpersonator algorithm delivers the most impressive results on strong vocal performances.

      We therefore recommend attending vocal coaching classes and doing regular singing practise in order to optimise you RØDELink’s Performer Kit Karaoke Edition performance.


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