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Microfono Dinamico per il Live

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Vedi le nostre M1 playlist video
M1 Foto

Madame Wu & Elise Graham - "Dharawal Tongue" - Hong Kong Rock Club

‪Shlomo beatboxing on the RODE M1-S Dynamic Microphone‬ [HD]

DubFX showcases his RØDE M1

Bluejuice rock the RØDE M1

The Preatures - Take A Card

Madame Wu & Elise Graham - "Dharawal Tongue" - Hong Kong Rock Club

‪Shlomo beatboxing on the RODE M1-S Dynamic Microphone‬ [HD]

DubFX showcases his RØDE M1

Bluejuice rock the RØDE M1

The Preatures - Take A Card

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  • Microfono dinamico live per voce
  • Capsula al neodimio ad elevato livello di uscita
  • Figura Polare Cardioide
  • Uscita bilanciata a bassa impedenza
  • Corpo completamente in metallo ergonomicamente progettato
  • Rumore da maneggiamento ridotto
  • Garanzia di 10 anni con la registrazione online su

Costruito per essere indistruttibile e con una capsula al neodimio ad elevata potenza, il RØDE M1, microfono dinamico per il live, è progettato per fornire le migliori prestazioni, una serata dopo l’altra. La sua robustezza è abbinata ad una garanzia a vita, che otterrete con la registrazione dell’acquisto. Il corpo completamente metallico dell’M1 è stato progettato per essere ergonomico e per dare il massimo comfort quando viene usato come microfono a mano. È robusto, solido e perfettamente bilanciato ma senza risultare pesante, ed il rumore da maneggiamento è stato quasi completamente eliminato dalla struttura interna del microfono. Caratterizzato da una risposta calda che è incredibilmente definita per un microfono dinamico, la morbidezza e la chiarezza dell’M1 offrono prestazioni eccezionali come microfono live per la voce. Un diagramma polare stretto e controllato riduce i rientri ed il feedback. Riconosciuto come uno dei migliori microfoni live per la voce, l’M1 si comporta ugualmente bene su amplificatori per chitarra, cassa della batteria, rullante, tom e percussioni.

M1 Caratteristiche
M1 Caratteristiche
Principio AcusticoDynamic
Diagramma Polare Cardioid
Direzione di RipresaEnd
Risposta in Frequenza75Hz - 18kHz
Impedenza di Uscita320Ω
Sensibilità-56.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (1.60mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz
Livello di Rumore Equivalente (pesato A) 360.00g
Livello di Rumore Equivalente (pesato A)171.00mmH x 51.50mmW x 51.50mmD
Uscita XLR Output
Garanzia 1 anno con estensione gratuita della garanzia a vita tramite registrazione qui
M1 Suoni
Vedi le nostre M1 playlist video
Vedi le nostre M1 playlist video
M1 Recensioni
M1 Recensioni

The mic is built like the proverbial brick outhouse and with full heavy metal jacket construction...a lifetime warranty with the M1 must be seen as a major plus; I certainly can't think of another manufacturer that offers a similar level of backup... I really like the RØDE M1... it took my weedy voice and made it 100% Rock n' Roll!!!

DP WIlson
Pickup Magazine

The tonal characteristics of the RØDE M1 should give good results with the majority of both male and female vocalists... If you like the idea of studio-quality live vocals then it's a great little mic... It's built to last and has a more open-sounding high end than most dynamic mics.

Paul White
Performing Musician

With the M1, Rode has brought what amounts to a very solid addition into the already somewhat crowded live microphone arena. Their years of experience building top-notch yet within reach studio microphones has led them to create a live vocal mic that not only approaches condenser studio-like quality in sound but is built to withstand ridiculous amounts of abuse. I have a feeling a lot of these will be going strong well after the grill has crusted over with nasty green growth.

Travis North
The Modern Vocalist

While the RØDE M1 is extremely well built you can be sure that you don't get a whole lot of unnecessary weight (or lack thereof in some cases) that is involved with a lot of other stage microphones. Just by placing the ergonomically tapered microphone and its included accessories such as the stand mount and thread adaptor in your hands, not only will you be overly satisfied with how comfortable they are to hold but their durability will become increasingly evident too. You simply cannot look past the build quality of any RØDE product.

The M1 provides a punch similar to what you could imagine the M1 Carbine Rifle would if it could be directly converted to a microphone. Its sound quality is much clearer and more dynamically detailed than any other microphone within its class, especially considering the price tag. Its high output volume, cardioid pickup pattern (to reduce feedback) and gold plated XLR connectors just further push this microphone up higher on its plinth.

There is only one way to describe this microphone as a whole if you are willing to compare it to a microphone that is familiar to us all... the SM58 killer.

The Drum Media
The Drum Media

The M1 is the most versatile workhorse live mic I have ever used. I've used
several of them in the local pub or thrown them across stage on overseas

They're sensitive enough for grand piano, plenty robust for drums also, and by far excels on vocals. I will never use another live vocal mic now that I have several M1s.

Dave Bourke

I've been trying the M1 myself, and are surely convinced that there is absolutely no question about the quality and differences between the M1 and for example the SM58/Beta58. Just like the RØDE M2, the M1 has a very robust and powerful output, not to mention the sound of the thing. It has much more detail, more high tones, and more power in the low-end region of my voice than an SM58 or Beta58. I would absolutely recommend everyone trying an M1.

Gearwire user review

Naturally as soon as I got mine home I put it through its paces predominantly on the drum kit A/Bing it with a 57 and a drum mic pack tom clip mic. The M1 killed in all regards. Both my drummer and I were unanimous that it had such a fuller punchier sound then the 57 on snare and on toms it really shone. Best mic I have heard on toms so far. The smooth character of the mic and the subtle low end boost it seems to have just gave the toms so much body but did not detract at all from the nice snap of the skin.
Anyway just wanted to give some feedback and say that I love this mic, I bought it in the hopes it would serve as a great all rounder and it certainly does


Last friday I've had my first gig singing on the RØDE M1! It was a blaaast!!! Stunning power, a "kick in the ass" punch, excellent feedback rejection, the mic did an amazing job! Very proud to have it! Respect

Screaming Eagle

The RØDE M1 is essentially a Shure SM58 with a new lease on life. The clarity was better. Great warmth. The off-axis sound was great. It looks and feels good. I bought it.

Buzzard, USA
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M1 supporto
  • Come faccio per collegare l’uscita XLR del mio microfono ad un connettore TRS stereo?+
    • Per collegare l’uscita XLR del microfono ad un ingresso TRS stereo (connettore da 3,5mm) devi comperare o costruire un adattatore da XLR a TRS stereo. Per costruire l’adattatore ti preghiamo di seguire le istruzioni riportate qui sotto. Questo cavo ti permette di collegare il microfono ad un camcorder o ad una camera DSLR. Cablaggio da XLR a TRS Questo cavo ti permette di collegare l’uscita del tuo microfono ad un ingresso TRS stereo in modo che possa ricevere il segnale su entrambi i canali di ingresso.  Ricorda:Se il microfono dovesse averne bisogno per funzionare, l’alimentazione phantom non sarà disponibile dal connettore TRS.
  • Il mio microfono non richiede l’alimentazione phantom. La phantom potrebbe danneggiare il mio microfono se lasciata attiva?+
    • No, anche se questi microfoni non richiedono l’alimentazione phantom, sono stati costruiti per riceverla in modo da non danneggiare i suoi circuiti. È comunque consigliabile, quando possibile, disattivare l’alimentazione phantom se non serve.

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