Luz Pictura
Frank has a problem all of us have faced at one time or another. Frank needs to use the restroom. But the complexities of urban life present some interesting obstacles...

Behind the scenes of Occupied

Shot on location in Denton, TX. Special thanks to Denton Skate Supply.

Attrezzatura RØDE utilizzata

VideoMic Pro

Luz Pictura

Bill White - Executive Producer, Screenwriter, Storyboards, Composer, Actor - Homeless man.

Daniel Hill - Executive Producer, Director, Screenwriter

Nico White - Screenwriter, Actor - Skateboarder

Merrick Mitchell - Producer, Screenwriter, Composer, Second Camera Assistant, Actor - Policeman

Jonathon Ruiz - Cinematographer, Screenwriter

Jessica Adame - Producer, Actress - Doctor

Sandeep Varma - First Camera Assistant

Ricky Herrington - Editor

Jabar Olatunboson Ibrahim - Script Supervisor

Kevin Fuller - Actor - Frank

Skyler Davenport - Actress - Mugger