After the Tone

DMS Productions
A lone gunman seeks revenge on the men responsible for the death of his little sister.

Behind the scenes of After the Tone

This film was shot on the Sony A7S II over a three day period. We shot on location at Precision Products Performance Center in Asheville, North Carolina. We used several RODE microphones for audio such as the NTG-2 Shotgun microphone and the Video Micro, which was mounted on top of the camera. We also used full flash blank guns and squibs for practical effects in the action scenes.

Attrezzatura RØDE utilizzata


DMS Productions

David Stapp - Writer/Director/Editor

Wes Cordell - Camera Operator/Colorist

Jesse Ashe - Camera Operator

Wes Moore - Sound Recordist

Garrett Livengood - Writer/Actor

Davis Phillips - Writer