Ned and Boomer - Short Film (Feat. JSTU Studios)

A Tyler W. Childs Film
Ned & Boomer are two best friends who decide to go fishing. On this fishing trip they encounter a magical lake that grants their every wish. Will they lead with their stomaches or their heads?

Behind the scenes of Ned and Boomer - Short Film (Feat. JSTU Studios)

We filmed our comedy in Palmer Lake, Colorado. It was supposed to warm out but it ended up being a lot colder than we thought.

We filmed on a Panasonic Gh4 and the BTS with a Canon T3i.

It was a blast to film with Youtube Creators: Justin Stuart and Andrew Scites from JSTU STUDIOS

Attrezzatura RØDE utilizzata

VideoMic Pro

A Tyler W. Childs Film

Tyler Hunt - Director of Photography

Nathaniel Lehrer - BTS Crew

Justin Stuart - as Boomer

Andrew Scites - as Ned

Jason Allen - Original Story + Executive Producer

Tyler Childs - Director + Producer