Revenant Active

Ruined Films
A mysterious mercenary suffering from amnesia is questioned by an unknown and cruel interrogator.

Behind the scenes of Revenant Active

Ruined Films answered the challenge of My RØDE Reel Short Film Competition last week, as we shot and edited a three-minute short film in a great, inspired atmosphere. With this project we were reunited with some of our old mates and the weekend was both pleasant and productive as we got to combine our individual talents and enjoy the friendship doing what we love.

Filmed mainly with a Blackmagic production camera. We shot mostly in 1080p and used 4K for shots when we needed more flexibility in post. Shot on location in Helsinki, Finland. A couple shots were filmed in Lapland and Hong Kong a few years ago with a DSLR camera.

All sound recording was done with 1 or more Rode NTG-2 microphones, both on location and during post production.

Post production for video was done with Premiere, After effects and Blender 3D. Element 3d was utilized for integrating some 3d elements inside After effects.

Sound editing and mixing was done with Ableton 9 and the Music was produced with Logic pro X.

Principal photography and post production was done in 11 days.

Attrezzatura RØDE utilizzata


Ruined Films

Eric Raunio - Director

Jesse Liskola - Producer

Henrik Raunio - Editor

Scott Mcgregor - Sound Artist

Juho Pakkasvirta - Music

Sini Viitanen - Makeup

Teemu valve - Costume and Prop Design