100kubov, Filmmakers Guild of Odessa
Can you get rid of the masks that society forces you to wear?

Behind the scenes of Knock

We used RODE blimp and mics to record production sound straight into camera (RED Scarlet-X with vintage PL LOMO lenses), and an NT3 for studio recording of some sound effects.

Attrezzatura RØDE utilizzata

Micro Boompole Pro

100kubov, Filmmakers Guild of Odessa

Igor Ryabchuk - director

Fedor Boiko - original idea

Nykola Bulavsky - cinematography

Sasha Chernov - camera

Tanya Ryabchuk - production design

Ievgen Velychev - set decorator

Lidiya Sobchenko - props assistant

Evgeniy Regulyan - lighting assistant

Svetlana Rachkova - makeup

Max Miklin - editor

Alexandr Samson - sound mixer and editor

Denys Bobov - boom operator

Alexey Yalynskiy - composer