Gabriel Caste & Leo Kei Angelos
As astronaut Dixon Wells prepares for a one-way mission to leave Earth, he recalls his last few hours on the planet and memories he can't come to terms with.

MANIFEST was shot in 2 days and edited in 4.

Behind the scenes of Manifest

Because we only had a week to get this film together, we were limited to locations that we could easily access. The cockpit, for example, was in the producer Gabriel Caste's apartment, while the boat scenes, were on the director Leo Kei Angelos' boat. Using primarily on-board Rode Shotgun microphones, Manifest was created with a 2 person crew. Our whole team is very proud of what we were able to come up with for this contest.

Attrezzatura RØDE utilizzata

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Gabriel Caste & Leo Kei Angelos

Leo Kei Angelos - Director / Cinematographer / Editor

Gabriel Caste - "Dixon" / Producer / Writer

Tyler Costill - BTS Director

Darren Bailey - "Marshall" / Script Editor

Alex Marshall-Brown - "Samantha"

Michael Evans Lopez - "Fisher"

James Poirier - Sound Engineer