Love Deserves Better

AVXV Films
LOVE DESERVES BETTER, is an experimental narrative short film utilizing spoken word to discuss the issue of LGBTQ erasure in the media and history. Through the power of memory, Nina (Ava Grob), describes her relationship with Val (Madison Murrah) trying to give it back the truth that the media and society has tried to take away. LOVE DESERVES BETTER, is about reclaiming representation and what it means to love.

Behind the scenes of Love Deserves Better

We filmed in various locations in our neighborhood as well as an apartment in Downtown Dallas for the roof shots. Using a RØDE Mic was extremely important for us because of our spoken word / narration aspect to our film. We used the NTG2 mic at our school to film the voice over, and it's because of the RØDE Mic that the film has much power as it does. We used the VideoMic Pro to film the BTS Love Deserve Better shots and also the beginning scene with Alan and Ava. The aspect ratio was an important part of this film, and I had to keep it in mind whenever we were filming. We wanted a lot of our shots to be natural, and so I filmed the entire film with a 35 mm lens, which worked especially for our low lighting shots. We worked for two months for our RØDE Reel, as this film was an important message we wanted to share.

Attrezzatura RØDE utilizzata

VideoMic Pro

AVXV Films

Armiya S. - Co-Director, Editor, Producer

Ava Grob - Co-Director, Actor

Alan Sanchez - Actor

Madison Murrah - Actor

Lillian Rose - Makeup and Crew

Carolyn Xu - Art Director