Ferry Crossing

Trang Minh Nguyen
Today, there are over 700,000 life vests piled on the shores of Lesvos, Greece. This current European migrant crisis is the worst humanitarian disaster since the second world war.

To me the life vests symbolizes a 'new' life. The emotion that gave me when wearing the used life vests striked me to share this feeling, to give a better understanding of the situation. The life vests are vitally important in getting the migrants safe ashore.

Behind the scenes of Ferry Crossing

We have shot on the ferry in Amsterdam.

Our tools :
- RODE stereovideomic
- Samsung NX1
- Sony a7 II

Attrezzatura RØDE utilizzata

Stereo VideoMic

Trang Minh Nguyen

Trang - Director / B cam

Richard - A cam

Joss - Interviewer