A Moment of Silence

RSpudieD Productions
With the My Rode Reel deadline approaching fast, Spuds's Dad suggests a film idea that takes them back to a time when films were a little more...silent.

"A eager gardener decides to create a special concoction to yield a better harvest in a fraction of the time, but accidentally gets some on his hand."

Behind the scenes of A Moment of Silence

The main scenes for the contained film take place at the back of my house. Most shots were done handheld for ease of movement. The completed film was changed to black and white and sped up to resemble a silent film of the 1920s. Most of the plants were added on in post-production.

Split takes were done with a single camera for the intro and theater scenes. External video lighting was used to highlight actors in dark scenes and for depth. Prop was used to create a false shadow after the plants had grown.

Audio was recorded using a Rode VideoMicro on a mic stand held just out of frame.

Attrezzatura RØDE utilizzata


RSpudieD Productions

RSpudieD - Videography, editing, sound, and acting

Rich - acting and assistant