An Artists Journey

Make Hay Media
We met Evan when he came through our old office space. We were immediately fascinated by his art, his story and to learn where his creative passion comes from. As you'll see, his art just seems to come from another place, especially for someone his age.

Behind the scenes of An Artists Journey

The challenge of this project was always the reveal. Based on the nature of it being a Rode project, we wanted to make it an audio reveal. While the sound design was minimal, due to it being a documentary, we wanted to surprise the audience.

This also meant that we had to shoot so much in a macro or ultra-tight framing, as to not give away too much too early. Because of the authenticity, we also wanted to shoot as much as we could handheld, so that the audience felt a part of the creation. As we pull back the camera to reveal our subject, we also add more stabilization as the story now has a strong foundation.

Attrezzatura RØDE utilizzata


Make Hay Media

Braden Dragomir - Director/Cinematographer/Editor

Taylor Leeder - Field Audio Recorder/Cinematographer/Editor

Brody McMaster - Cinematographer/Editor

John Sanfilippo/Tyton Sound - Sound Studio/Voice Over Recording

Mitchell Elliot - Voice Over Artist

Evan Sharma - Featured