Pamphlet Guy

Puddingboy Productions
Adam needs to get to his girlfriend's office but he notices a pamphlet guy in the way. After dreading having to turn this guy down, he's not actually offered a pamphlet. Insecure as to why he's deemed unfit for such a one size fits all approach, he angrily tries to sort this guy out

Behind the scenes of Pamphlet Guy

I shot this video a block away from my house, fairly close to the centre of my hometown, Hamilton (Victoria). The traffic really messed with a lot of the sound, but there were workarounds. The weather also looked like it might ruin everything, but turned out great. Due to scheduling conflicts, we didn't start filming until the 27th May! So I had to quickly edit and colour this movie quicker than I would have liked. But I'm very happy with the results!

Attrezzatura RØDE utilizzata


Puddingboy Productions

Edvard Christie - Writer, Director, DOP

Jody Stephens - Adam

Haavard Christie - Pamphlet Guy

Greg Stanes - Russell (friend)

Harpreet Moore - Hannah

Jake Burger - Audio