The Testimony Inspired the Short Film SUFFOCATION

The Winning Que Productions
This is the testimony of the Suffocation Film we are working on. This condensed testimony of Malayia's life shows her mental torture, her hardship, and her being redeemed. This Testimony Is meant for people to get updated what we are doing as a project. Foremost, special thanks to the musician Andre' Jermaine Snowden for his amazing song Anchor

Behind the scenes of The Testimony Inspired the Short Film SUFFOCATION

Malayia told her testimony at a group session that we created for the film and she helped me realise that I was heading the wrong direction with this project. However, now Suffocation will be about many accounters in people's lives. All I used was my Nikon, a Rode videomic Go, and had permission at VU broadcasting to use the Rode boom pole. The way we did the blood is that Richard told Malayia to hold the knife at the surface of her arm and he used a syringe to spread behind the knife. The locations were shot in random place that we thought best. My basement, a pastor's house, a corn field with flowers, a park in Rushville, and my back yard. The scene of nature I used lens Whacking.

Attrezzatura RØDE utilizzata

VideoMic GO

The Winning Que Productions

Christian Griffith - Director Filmer Producer

Malayia Ellis - Actress and the inspiration of the film

Ezra Griffith - Actor

Richard Griffith - Actor

Alex Beal - Actor