Russian Roulette 360

Missing Reel Films and 13th Street Films
Six players gamble everything for the chance to win $100,000 in cold hard cash. But not everything is as it seems. Experience it now in 360º Virtual Reality!

Behind the scenes of Russian Roulette 360

Russian Roulette was an Idea developed by Lucas Mahrt, Richard Mildren, and Joel Fleming. The concept, to tell an engaging and thrilling story in a new format, 360º film. With an idea and a Ricoh Theta S, we set out to find a strong crew, and the right location.

With Griffith University Film School kindly donating their equipment and location, the production was made possible.

The film was also shot in the means of traditional cinema on a Sony F3. With this released in the near future, we hope to explore how audiences interact when presented with the same story - in two completely different mediums.

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Missing Reel Films and 13th Street Films

Richard Mildren - Director | Editor

Joel Fleming - Director | Writer

Lucas Mahrt - Director | Writer

Gerick Tui Thomsen - Player 1

Colin David Cooper - Player 2

Ryan Hance - Player 3

Christopher Slater - Player 4

Caitlin Hill - Player 5

Donnie Baxter - Player 6

Kaushik Das - The Maestro

Sabrina Sidharta - BTS Videographer | BTS Editor

Michael Monaco - Sound Recordist

Abdalla Hamid - Producer

Paige Van Der Erf - Production Designer

Matt McFarlane - Gaffer

Shaman Grayson - Director of Photography

Claire McDonell - Makeup | Special Effects

Guy Crofts - 1st AC

Frankie Futcher - 1st AD

Jordan Rogers Smith - Camera Operator

Linford Ahwang - Script Supervisor