Dragos Enuca / Shuffle Team
BR (Bogdan Ritz) has an ability that allows him to hear other people's inner song. The song that describes their character. After he loses his fiance, he notices that his song does not go well with other. Until he stops searching, he can not find it.

Behind the scenes of Shuffle

The concept revolves around the idea that a person's life could be represented by a unique melody. So we've put this ideea on paper, created the script, then started gathering the right people to make this short movie come to life.

We used a Nikon D800 with an attached Rode VideoMic GO; for some shots we also used the Phantom 3 Drone. The BTS video was filmed with a LG Nexus 5 and the Nikon.

We had the best luck in finding a great local band (Phaser) which were more than willing to help us with the soundtrack and sound effects. The protagonist's voice was recorded in a studio, but for the last scene we used the audio captured with the Rode VideoMic GO.

The video was shot in Timisoara, the most western major city of Romania in the most colorful apartament, alongsinde the most awesome group of people and friends, for which we are very grateful.

Attrezzatura RØDE utilizzata

VideoMic GO

Dragos Enuca / Shuffle Team

Bogdan Spiridon - Actor

Claudia Szalma - Actress

Carina Dumitru - Actress

Alina Chelba - Actress

Andreea Oana Nidel - Actress

Aprilia Raileanu - Actress

Raul Pitut - Actor/Video Editor

Bogdan Tataru - Actor

George Mihes - Cameraman/Writer

Radu Racz - Sound Director

Sebastian Barzeianu - Sound Director

Andreea Muntean - Art Director

Dragos Enuca - Producer/Director/Writer