Chaos Routine

Ronaldo / Rogoel Film
This video shows about the chaotic everyday you live an ordinary citizen. Noise, visual pollution, bad noticiais . All this will always be present in our routine chaos. The importance of sound in this performance is to show the power that every sound has to approach the real, even if the real is chaotic.

Behind the scenes of Chaos Routine

The production of this video has much to do with the city in which we live (Brasilia, Brazil ) , we are situated in the capital , where all this political confusion is going just right next to us .

In this video we use the Canon 6D , 24-105mm lens , one LED to illuminate and Rode Mic video to capture the audio.

Attrezzatura RØDE utilizzata

VideoMic Pro

Ronaldo / Rogoel Film

Ronaldo Piovezan - Director