Kenya Dreaming

Kenya Dreaming
So in August Last year, I was asked to join one of my closest friends on a medical aid mission to Endonyolasho, Kenya. She asked me because; for the last 4 yrs they haven't had any luck with video documentation. I'm basically not much more than actor who loves the power of film and the stories it has to tell.
The Video follows their hard work coming to fruition in the form of a small Health clinic in Rural Kenya.

Behind the scenes of Kenya Dreaming

So 99.9% of the documentary was shot with 1 man (me) and 2 cameras three if you count my drone and hero 3. But sound was always going to be a huge issue out in the bush so I had 2 Rode Lav mics that you can see in the BTS and one iXY which was an absolute life saver. It managed to catch such beautiful sound of the children singing. We would play it back every morning just to get out of bed months afterward. A had a somewhat old GH3 and an Em-1 but I really pushed them as hard as I could. Having to capture everything on your own was always going to be hard but I'm really proud of the way it all turned out. When it's that challenging you just gotta suck it up and have some fun with it.

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Kenya Dreaming

Frederick James Koch - Director/Producer