Zeyd Taha Candan
The short film is about Abdalsalam, a refugee who is fleeing to Europe. He starts his journey in Syria, together with his daughter Sarah. But on their way to Europe they lose each other. The father finds his way to Europe without his daughter. He gets curated by a psychologist and together they start to search for Sarah..
The short film is based on a true story which happened in Munich central station, without referencing real persons.

Behind the scenes of Sarah

We shot the short film SARAH on a Canon 600D and recorded the sound with a RODE NTG2. We filmed in Recklinghausen, Aaachen and at two locations in the Netherlands. The short film was primarily edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Attrezzatura RØDE utilizzata


Zeyd Taha Candan

Zeyd Taha Candan - Director, Producer, Writer, Editor

Berkant Musa Özler - Producer, Writer, Editor

Muhammed Tünaydin - Writer

Jacqueline Eberl - Composer