Kiss Me Goodbye

Segno Filmes
By accepting his upcoming death, a former hitman trade his own life with a ruthless cop in exchange to find his only daughter, who he never met.

Behind the scenes of Kiss Me Goodbye

Follow this hard boiled detective in the investigation about the making of the Noir movie "KISS ME GOODBYE".

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Segno Filmes

César Augusto - Director/Writer

Hugo Damasceno - Producer/Cinematographer

George Ulysses - Production Manager

Sunny Maia - Assistant of Photography

Renata Rolim - Art Director

Thaís Emília - Make Up Artist

Tiago Campos - Sound Design/Original Score

Giuliana Luiza Odo - Actress/The Girl

Gilson Tenório - Actor/The Assassin

Cláudio Magalhães - Actor/The Policeman