Clark Even
When Isabelle is looking to get out more she goes to a party with her long time friend, Chris. They have a great time and Isabelle gets drunk enough to have accidently walked into the men's bathroom where she gets bullied and posted all over social media, right there for her love interest, Dustin to see. He ignores the bullying and finds Isabelle at the frozen yogurt restaurant after her friend Maddi fails to show up, They then go off to have a great rest of her weekend.

Behind the scenes of Milkshake

We used our local middle/high school to shoot some of the scenes and other at the local Jimmy johns or frozen yogurt restaurant, we then went over to our main actors house to get the last bulk of the scenes we weren't able to get on Friday, and we also used the rode video mic for that mounted to an 8' boom pole. for cameras, we had a T5i on Friday along with a T3i and for mobile recording a galaxy s6 and iPhone 6S, We used the T3i for the shots on Monday so the main bulk of the film was shot on Canon DSLR's.

Attrezzatura RØDE utilizzata


Clark Even

Clark Even - Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Isabelle Lagasca - Main Actress

Dustin Ngyuen - Supporting Actor

Madison Moore - Extra

Chris Para - Audio and BTS