Sparkan Media
I wanted to create a short film about how easy it is to take the simplest things in life for granted. We can move, see, and listen.
We are alive. Every day tasks have their own magic...
I wanted to showcase the Rode VideoMic Pro; it is such a versatile microphone.

Behind the scenes of Simplicity

This is the B-Roll footage for my entry "Simplicity" to the My Rode Reel film contest.
Equipment used:
Rode VideoMic Pro Microphone, Rode Boom Pole,
Rode Micro Boom Pole Pro.
Sony A7RII, Sony A7S; Sony 24-240, 55 1.8, 28-70 lenses.
Sound Devices MixPre-D
Sennheiser Headphones
Swivi Carry Speed Viewfinder
Kinoflo Diva 400, F&V K400 lights
Various tripods and stands.

Attrezzatura RØDE utilizzata

VideoMic Pro
Micro Boompole Pro

Sparkan Media

Rachna Kanitkar - Finishing Editor