The Letter (MyRodeReel2017)

Mercer MacWilliam Hughes
Genere: drammatico

Attrezzatura RØDE Utilizzata:


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A troubled solicitor struggles to formulate a condolence letter to the family of a dead child. The film highlights psychological effects of death on all those whom it touches, no matter how lightly.

Mercer MacWilliam Hughes

Mercer MacWilliam Hughes


Shirley MacWilliam


Rachel Rankin


The Letter: a mood piece that made economical use of few locations and space to work with. I used specific techniques to convey the backstory from the letter, such as blurring around key words from the letter, and inter-cutting between the desk and flashback like inserts. The BTS gives a good little taster as to what it was like on the various locations, and features CUTE CATS. And of course, RODE gear, but I'm sure the cats will suffice!