O Artesão do Bambu (The Bamboo Artisan) - My Rode Reel 2017

Shoiti Nishimura

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The Bamboo Artisan shows you how the handcrafter Elson Fujikawa kept the Japanese family tradition, crafting unique bamboo utensils like spoon, chopsticks, back scratchers (Mago no Te in Japanese), tongs...

Shoiti Nishimura

Shoiti Nishimura

Director of Photography
Sound Recordist

I live in Sao Paulo, I didn't have any money, so I borrowed some from my brother and traveled over 700km to Maringá, where my cousin does handcraft.
At first, I wanted to make a short with actors, but I couldn't find anyone willing to work for a very low price.
The video was shot using a Sony a6300, sound was captured with a microphone Rode NTG2 connected to the Zoom h2n recorder.
During filming, I didn't had any artificial lightning and nd filters, so the entire video was shot using natural light, and to avoid overexposure, I shot mostly at f14 and f16, had to sacrifice the depth of field.
I shot almost all scenes handheld, sometimes with a tripod for stabilization.
To editing I did use Adobe Premiere.