MY RODE REEL Genesis RR2017 (Horror)

JL Bolden/Team Genesis
Genere: horror fantascienza
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A devout Christian girl has some tough life decisions to make as she struggles between what she knows to be godly and what she feels she needs to do for survival. She to choose between her Christianity and Sinful nature but unfortunately for her this decision is a matter of life or death.

JL Bolden/Team Genesis

JL Bolden


Jason Cermak

Director of Photography

G Russel Gaynor

First AD

Paloma Arielle


Clarice Kulah

Assistant Production Manager

Michaela Grinnell

Camera Assistant/Script Sup

Bishop Savoy


Cleon Muller

First Camera Assistant

Angela Camp

BTS Video

Michelle Gordon

BTS Photography

Aisha Allen

BTS Photography

Shaquita Newton

Production Assistant

Joel Rogers


Brittany Starr

Actress/Destiny Charm



Mark(Shaggy) Jenkins

Sound Recordist

My Rode Reel Genesis was shot in 4 locations. A church in Lithonia GA(Good News Community CME Church), The pastor in the Film is the Pastor of the church. The Bedroom of one of the Actresses, A night club in Lithonia Jay's II and a drain near my home. We had a crew of about 14 people and shot about 5 days on the entire project. The short was filmed on an epic M, Audio Recorded on a Sound Devices 664, Lighting was mainly done with white CT5400 Lights and the BTS was done on a Black Magic Ursa mini 4.6k.