THE DEAL | My RØDE Reel 2017

John Gusavo/
Genere: azione drammatico

Attrezzatura RØDE Utilizzata:

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A young teenager is attempt to get his hands on some diamonds hidden in a school eraser, form a rich old diamond dealer.
Filmed by: John Gustavo
Cinematographer/ Cameramen : John Gustavo
Edited and Color Grade by Me, John Gustavo on Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017
Written and Directed By: Me, John GustavoCast: Buyer: John Gustavo/ Jordan Escoriaza
Old salesman/ dealer: Reginald Escoriaza

This is my behind the scenes, for my short film " The Deal"
Watch the original video here:
No joke i did all the editing and film and directing
for this film!

Equipment’s and Software:
Camera – Canon C100 Mark II
Lenses - Canon EF L 24mm - 105mm F.4
Sound: Rode NGT4+ connect via XLR to Camera input Rode wind foam
Video Editor - Adobe Premiere CC 2017
Sound Edit: Adobe Premiere CC 2017
Color: Adobe Premiere Luts