Editor | My Rode Reel 2017 | Kannada Horror Short Film

Narasimha Murthy G

Attrezzatura RØDE Utilizzata:

Stereo VideoMic

Maggiori informazioni:

"Editor" is Indian Kannada Language Horror short film. This short film tries to highlight the mental state of a movie Editor who is trying to complete a project without giving much rest or food for himself or is it real?

Narasimha Murthy G

Narasimha Murthy G


Yogeshwara Gopal

Director of Photography

Rakesh Raaj


Equipment’s and Software:
Camera – Canon 5d Mark ii, BlackMagic
Lenses - Tokinon 16-28 f2.8
Sound Recorder - Zoom + Rode Video Mic
Editor - Adobe Premiere CS6
Sound - Adobe Audition , Adobe Premiere CS6
VFX - Adobe After Effects CS6

Directed by: Narasimha Murthy G
DOP: Yogeshwara Gopal
Starring: Rakesh Raaj