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'DISCIPLINE' is about when the enforcement of school rules gets violent. Two students find themselves at their headmaster's gunpoint when their absence from assembly becomes a grave mistake. One escapes and makes her stand, the other does not. The film is pacy and discusses the importance of both discipline and the subversion of that discipline.

'DISCIPLINE' was produced by Scots College's IB Film class. Find out more: http://scotscollege.school.nz.

Scots College IB Film

Sam Pay


Jackson Lacy

Director of Photography

Sam Roff

Sound Recordist

Tianwei Jia


Jacques Pender


'DISCIPLINE' was created and executed completely by Scots College's IB Film class in the space of a month. The film was shot by Jackson Lacy (cinematographer) and Sam Pay (director) using a Sony XDCam and Jacques Pender recorded sound using a RØDE Blimp, Deadcat, and Boompole. The film was edited by Jackson Lacy (assembly) and Sam Roff (audio) using Avid Media Composer and Avid Pro Tools. The BTS was shot by Jacques Pender and Tianwei Jia using a Canon 100D DSLR and a RØDE VideoMic, and edited by Jackson Lacy using Adobe Premiere Pro. The film starred Rachel Collins, Oliver Aikman-Nordon, Tom Sargent, and Gary Johnston.

'DISCIPLINE' was shot over the course of a night in one of the buildings on the Scots College campus. The intent of the film was to keep the viewer constantly on their toes from the moment the action started, and the darkened lighting and eerie sounds does that. The film subverts the notion of educational responsibility by having the head teacher be the main villain, and warns against both overzealous enforcement of rules and subversion of student responsibility.

Ian Leslie (the IB Film teacher) was the executive producer, and production support was provided by Scots College, Wellington. Scots College in Wellington, NZ is an independent Presbyterian day and boarding school for boys from Year 1 through to 13. Find out more at http://scotscollege.school.nz.

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