City of Lights

Pino Castellano
Genere: drammatico

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City of Lights is a colorful story about a magical place that appears everywhere. It's a reference to the night. City of Lights show us how we all have dreams. Maybe we all wanted to become actors or singers when we were young. How about astronauts or scientists? We all wanted something. Each light represents a dream. Unfortunately City of Lights shows us how we may all have lights but there are lights that shine brighter than others and "how dreams get crushed" and even though we're broken inside we still shine.

Pino Castellano

Pino Castellano

Director of Photography
Sound Recordist
Camera Operator

At the beginning I was working on another short film. I wrote a script and then called my friends over to shoot. But the acting was horrendous. There were just 3 days until the deadline so I told myself: Okay, what can you do? I had a broken tripod, my cousin's Canon EOS Rebel T4i the stock 18-55mm f/3.5 lens and lots and lots of tape. I decided to shoot my whole city at night. Then I started building a story. I made another script by myself. The city where I live is really dangerous so I didn't really have my opportunities to film outside or else someone would steal the camera from me. Anyway I still went out and stood still in many different avenues. I went to many high buildings I had access too and I even sneaked into one of them just to get the shot. Still with no gear I got some really shake footage so I had had to work out all I could in Premiere and later do some Color Correction in Resolve. My computer was really lagging as I just had 8GB of RAM. Still I could work with it and even though the conditions were horrible and just having 3 days to make a film that you can only shoot at night with really bad gear is horrible. I tried to go as fast as I could in every situation and work with the focus to create lot of bokeh even tough it was really forced. I think it looks pretty great.

Hopefully you liked City of Lights.