My RØDE Reel - Steady Heart

Tatjana & Lukas
Genere: musica

Attrezzatura RØDE Utilizzata:

RØDELink Filmmaker Kit
VideoMic Pro

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A story about following your dreams and escaping everyday monotony.

Tatjana & Lukas

Lukas Eggenschwiler

Director of Photography

Tatjana Stihl


Marc Steiner

Producion of the cover

Lukas Baumann

Mixing of the cover

Lukas Leuthold

Mastering of the cover

One year ago Tatjana and I made a Music Video together. It was such an inspiring process that only a couple months later we decided to do another one. In the beginning, ou major problem was the money, so we asked a couple friends and they helped us finance the project. Without them, this whole video would not have been possible. Right at the start we decided to shoot a big part of the video in Italy so we had to record a first version of the song before our departure. For the production of the song, we went back to Mixart Record. Marc and Lukas from Mixart are very good Musicians and did an amazing job.

Filming in Italy was very nice, we caught every sunrise and sunset. During the day we enjoyed our vacations:)

Back in switzerland we worked on the first part of the video. We spent three days building a set, organizing props and shooting a lot. During the editing we realised that our Story didn’t work at all. We had to rethink our whole concept. Finally we had another idea and decided to shoot the beginning of the video in the busy city streets instead of an apartment.

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