Stalled | My Rode Reel Official Entry

Taylor Hastings & Tracy Varju
Genere: comico drammatico
Contenuto per adulti

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Stereo VideoMic Pro

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Ever wondered what really goes on inside a women's washroom? Stalled offers a fly-on-the-wall glimpse into the many conversations, private moments, intimate situations, and slices of life that exist within the confines of the ladies room.

This original and vibrant story is the result of a collaboration of many female-identifying artists, who contributed short script pieces and mini stories which were collected and curated into this cohesive piece.

Directed by Kristina Hampton
Produced and Story Edited by Taylor Hastings and Tracy Varju

Taylor Hastings & Tracy Varju

Taylor Hastings


Tracy Varju


Kristina Hampton


Nathalie Taylor

Director of Photography

Emma Johnson


Stalled was a unique and collaborative effort. We brought on a cast of 10, who all contributed short stories and script pieces to add to our collection of mini vignettes, which we eventually curated into one cohesive piece. Although we faced many challenges, such as losing our original DP, sound mixer and one actor a week before going to camera - not to mention losing our free location 3 days before shooting, we managed to pull together a great team and shoot! We were lucky enough to shoot at the MCL Motorcar Dealership in Vancouver BC, amongst a lot of luxury cars and mechanics. With a total of 7 hours in the location, the team persevered and completed principal photography. Our cast and crew (almost entirely comprised of female-identifying individuals) worked tirelessly!
Stalled was filmed on the C200.