Obstructions, NO Excuses - Freedrum Avi | My Røde Reel 2018 mini doc

Alex Harteveld
Genere: documentario

Attrezzatura RØDE Utilizzata:

VideoMic Pro
DeadCat VMP

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A young man has been working in his family business for 8 years, but he feels that that isn't his purpose in life. When he realizes that his child's dream has always been to drum, he builts his own studio. But what happens when his studio gets destroyed? Does he make his obstructions his excuses?

Alex Harteveld

Alex Harteveld


When I was riding my bike back home after a meeting in the city center of The Hague, The Netherlands, I saw this man drumming on buckets. I don't know why, I guess it's just my curiosity for ones story, but I walked up to him. We talked for a while and I realized that I should grab this chance to tell a story. His story. After a few days he gave me a call telling me he had to leave in two days because his visa would expiere, so we decided to shoot the next day. There wasn't any time left to rent the higher end gear i would normally use, but I saw that as a challenge. As an opportunity to prove you don't need much to tell great stories, just don't let your obstructions become your excuses.

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