Ok Certified | RodeReel Short Film | IIT Kanpur

Guarda il dietro le quinte:

Working with an ant on set is almost impossible.
Almost a solo project, shooting it in 3 hours with a cinematographer I hadn't worked with before was a difficult task. We used the Rode Videomic GO on set along with Fuji XT30 on a Zhiyun Crane 2 at times and handheld other times. Back in the studio I used the Rode Podcaster for some Foley and Voiceover. We filmed at a single location which is one of our college canteens.
Editing the whole video in <12 hours required an extremely streamlined workflow. A lot of the macro shots were taken with a Fuji Extender. It was especially fun to have an ant as crew and I assure you no ants were hurt in the making of this film.

Attrezzatura RØDE Utilizzata:

VideoMic GO